It takes no more than 3 seconds to like 3 Nights, the new single off rising-artist Dominic Fike’s latest mixtape. With it’s instant upbeat intro it begins with charm reminiscent of another era.

The song is part of a six track EP, the first for Fike. Released last month Don’t forget About Me, Demos sees the young Florida talent open up in a variety of styles.

Fike, who is already gaining lots of attention in the US, has a tone and style that cross-between Kid Cudi, Khalid and Post Malone – or at least these are the artists that come to mind when you’re listening to his demos.

Listen to 3 Nights below, and also check out his Kanye – in Babydoll and his Frank Ocean – in She Wants My Money.

And… watch this space.


2017 MTV EMAs in London

Last night, the MTV European Music Awards returned to London for the first time in 21 years. Hosted by the city’s very own Rita Ora, the UK once again proved it deserves its place at the top of the international music scene with an awe-inspiring show.

Being London born and bred, I was ecstatic to secure entry to an event where tickets are almost more contested than the awards. Here, I bring you some of my favourite moments from last night, as well as some exclusives that you won’t find through watching the awards on TV.

As the clocks and crowd counted down in unison to international transmission, the atmosphere in Wembley Arena was electric. The EMAs 2017 kicked off with an eerily magnetic performance from US megastar Eminem. He showcased his brand new track Walk on Water, featuring the stunning vocals of Skylar Grey (in featured artist Beyoncé’s absence). The rapper would later receive the award for best Hip Hop Artist, despite, as he pointed out, not putting an album out for several years prior to this comeback.

Liam Payne’s performance of his hit solo song could have followed the nature of its title ‘Strip that Down’. But far from being a stripped back version, his team pulled out all the stops. With buddies to dance with, impressive technical staging and moving lighting rigs, it was a solid effort from the former One Direction member.

Camilla Cabello followed soon after, emerging from a wide, menacing eye on the main tele-visual wall to an intently familiar beat, introducing London to the sound of Havana. With her vocals on point, visuals became the next focus for this young star and the display did not disappoint. The performance enjoyed a convincing holiday vibe, complete with a swimming pool, parasols and sun loungers – not to mention an impressive flood of ballerinas-turned-bathers descending into it.

After some big US names, the tables turned back to our little island. What better way to celebrate and showcase the current UK grime sensation to the world than by getting Stormzy to enter the arena in a police car to flashing lights and fireworks? #Bigforyourboots

Perhaps one of the biggest moments of the night came during the Global Icon Award. U2, who had the night before previously recorded a performance for the evening at the foot of Nelson’s Column, made their way onto the stage and thanked the crowd and the industry. Some with words, Bono by soul.

Another big moment came when, during French Montana’s fiery rendition of Unforgettable, a crowd member managed to get onto stage and wave a banner. This later tuned out to be a YouTuber attempting a charity-based stunt.

Other notable performances over the evening came from Demi Lovato, who performed two songs including Sorry Not Sorry and Travis Scott, live from the wings of a giant eagle, suspended from the arena’s ceiling! Clean bandit also wowed the crowd, bringing out not one, but three artists recently featured on their songs (Zara Larson, Julia Michaels and Anne Marie).

Host Rita Ora, who changed her outfit for what seemed like once a minute, had a go too, taking centre stage for Your Song and Anywhere. It was later revealed that she accepted an award on behalf of all the ‘Artists for Grenfell’, a mass-collaboration cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. Proceeds from this song helped raise funds for families affected by the tragic West London tower block fire.

The EMA night drew to a close with an all-star finale as Mega DJ David Guetta took control of the stage with the first live performance of Dirty Sexy Money, alongside Charli XCX and French Montana. On theme, fireworks and green dollar bill cannons illustrated the otherwise trivial words. Even the cartoon-like set matched the lyric video visuals to a tee – a brand was born.

It was announced at the end of the evening that next year’s MTV European Music Awards will take place in Bilbao, Spain.

Scroll down to see the full list of 2017’s winners.



And now for some quick facts you won’t know unless you attend one of these events in person. The chaos is indeed organised…

– Whilst one performance is happening, elsewhere off camera, the stage is hurriedly being set up for the next act. The camera then simply turns and the process begins again.

– Between set changes there is next-to-no talking. This is an impressive and very clearly rehearsed operation; chitter chatter would just slow everyone down and cause delays.

– Once an A-lister act has finished, they often leave. They may or may not give the audience a little wave but more often than not they head out the way the came in. Job done.

– There are two hosts. While Rita Ora was seen on screens around the world as the official compare, the arena audience didn’t really hear that much from the singer when the camera went off her.

– Some artists are happy to be there (notably Zara Larson dancing off camera to Anne Marie) and some seem less so (Kesha was escorted off the stage looking a little shaken – but it was a big move for her to perform last night).

– Despite being an award show, very little time is allotted to award-giving when compared to performance time. These formalities are kept limited to keep pace and maintain optimal viewership.

– Unlike at a regular gig, where you might have a small window to pop out and grab a drink or nip to the bathroom, televised award shows mean television-length breaks. Where at home you might be able to run a few errands while the ads are on, here you could end up missing out, making it a real should I – shouldn’t I situation! Would YOU risk it for a chocolate biscuit?


The biggest winner of the night was Shawn Mendes, with three awards. When he performed ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ – it was clear that he is still a fan favourite.

BEST SONG: Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

BEST ARTIST: Shawn Mendes


BEST NEW: Dua Lipa

BEST POP: Camila Cabello

BEST VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar – Humble

BEST LIVE: Ed Sheeran


BEST ROCK: Coldplay


BEST ALTERNATIVE: Thirty Seconds To Mars

BIGGEST FANS: Shawn Mendes

BEST PUSH: Hailee Steinfeld

BEST WORLD STAGE: The Chainsmokers – Live from Isle of MTV Malta 2017

BEST LOCAL ACT: UK & Ireland – Louis Tomlinson, US – Fifth Harmony, Canada – Shawn Mendes



Wandsworth Radio is moving! After two successful years of broadcast, the studio has secured a new home where it will continue to bring fresh, meaningful radio programmes to the local area. The move comes as the current studio lease ends, as the space on Battersea Park Road is set to be renovated and turned into flats. After months of searching, the local station has found its new base in the Doddington and Rollo Business Centre in Battersea, just next to Battersea Park and the iconic Battersea Power Station.  

Construction of the new, custom built studio is currently underway and looks set to complete in the next two weeks. The move has brought about the opportunity for a rethink of the current studio design and, for  the first time, there will be a separate space for prerecords and live news, which will transform the local news output.  

In order for this change of premises to be financially viable, the station is using crowdfunding to gain community support. Here is the link to their donations page: 

The move also sees some schedule changes and as the station steps into a new era, so too will Deadbeat Joe’s Radio Show, which will now broadcast under a new format on Sundays from 6-7pm. You can find out more about the new show and what to expect here:

Above: some of the Wandsworth Radio Team


Tuesday is rarely a special day. Granted it’s no Monday, but it’s also quite hard to sell to yourself as the end of the week. BUT the last few Tuesdays have been somewhat different. For the last three weeks, I’ve raced home like it was nobody’s business and flicked on the TV bang on seven and turned to London Live. Tuning into ‘London Undercover’, with a very keen eye, I have paid particularly close attention to the end of each episode to see my name roll up the screen below ‘Segment Producer’ in big bold letters. This caption appeared for three thirty-minute doc-style episodes that my team and I made about Religion, Technology and Knife Crime. For our first TV credits, I’m proud to have been part of the London360 Series 12 and to have made great London-centric content- not to mention make Tuesdays even a little more lively!

If you missed the shows, all episodes of London Undercover can now be found online and are catalogued on my website at


In this webisode of London360, series 12 reporter Joseph Aspinall meets with Lianna Etkind from Campaign for Better Transport. Along with several other voices, including an MP, a Lord, a media professional and members of the public, the two reflect on the pros and cons of the city’s transportation on offer. They look at the positives, like the new hybrid buses, mental health awareness badges and cycle superhighways, and also address some of the concerns of Londoners, including overcrowding and accessibility. This topic was chosen following the results of an Evening Standard survey, which found Transport to be one of the top ten issues which concern Londoners most.

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It will come as no surprise that the western world is becoming more and more secular, with religious practice declining in most countries, England being no exception. You may expect therefore that London is a leading player in this game and that it would be one of the least religious places of all, but fascinatingly this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality London is bucking these national and global trends and is actually seeing a rise in religiosity. Stephen Bullivant, a professor of Theology and Sociology of Religion at St. Mary’s University, tells London360 that whilst approximately 50% of the country declare themselves as non-religious (in some places, like Wales and Scotland, this is even as high as 60%), only 35% of those living in inner London say they have no religion. The vast majority of those living in the Capital therefore belong to a faith community or believe in something.  20% of people in London practice weekly or more, which is double the national average of 10%.

One of the main reasons for this concentrated bubble of religiosity is immigration. Stephen says that ‘there are few less religious countries than Britain, so almost any immigration, unless it’s from Finland or Estonia, is likely to raise the average’. People who leave their own countries seeking new homes often choose London for its diversity, vibrancy and scope for opportunity. ‘Immigrant communities tend to come to the big cities, so you’d expect big cities to have larger proportions of people from non-Christian religions’.  These people are also statistically far more likely to be religious. This has resulted in a real mix of religions in London which are disproportionately larger than the rest of the country. Stephen illustrates this with statistics from his latest report which shows, for example, that around 20% of Londoner’s identify themselves as Muslim, a number four times higher than the country as a whole. In fact, almost every religion is over-represented in London, apart from the Church of England. While the rest of the country is facing a general decline in religiosity and practice, London isn’t, its numbers are increasing. This is partly because immigration is encouraging a ‘religious replenishment’ in the city.  Despite the fact that British natives tend to lose their religion and become increasingly secular as the generations go on, there are still enough people coming into London from elsewhere to keep the numbers high. Furthermore, these people are more likely to retain their religiosity, with young people from these communities being more inclined to continue to practice their families’ religion.

In a time where Britain is facing much political uncertainty regarding the future of immigration policy, however, this could all change. ‘The overall pattern of religiosity in London might not be sustainable’, Stephen warns, ‘if we have much fewer immigrants in the country then that’s going to have an effect because without the constant refreshing from more religious places, then arguably we’re going to see an overall decline with real pockets of resistance’.

If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure you keep an eye out for London360’s upcoming Religion Special, which airs on London Live, Community Channel and BBC Radio London this summer.

Religion Blog Joseph Aspinall
London is far more religious than the UK as a whole

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On 27th April, London360 celebrated six years of their youth journalism programme at the House of Commons. The afternoon, which was hosted by Dawn Butler MP and Channel 4’s Jon Snow, featured talks from alumni, masterclass leaders, funders & supporters, commending the programme’s achievements. Representatives from London360 platforms London Live, the Community Channel and the BBC were amongst these speakers. London360 helps young people in the early stages of their media careers to create actual TV, radio and digital content and at the same time give voices to hidden communities and charities across London.

The event kicked off a 3pm in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons with a fantastic turnout of media professionals. The current season of reporters, including myself, were tasked with creating a short film, as well as live tweeting every moment.

Dawn Butler House of Commons
Dawn Butler hosted London360’s Six Year Celebration

Dawn Butler opened the afternoon discussing her involvement with the project. Jon Snow from Channel Four News, who is an ambassador of the programme, added his thoughts via video from the ITN newsroom.

Executive producer of London360 Jasmine Dotiwala then took to the floor to speak of her experience in the media, drawing attention to the need for diversity. Dotiwala discussed the often tick-box process, employing so called ‘diverse’ persons in order to fit the ‘diversity checkbox’. She reflected, ‘when you’re BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] you never quite know what the real truth is’, adding ‘it’s more important now than ever to have a diverse workforce’. Dotiwala also praised her reporters, highlighting that she knows people who have worked in the industry for years without getting a TV credit and yet on this programme, young people have been given the unprecedented opportunity to do so in less than six months. She believes London360 has been successful due to its four unique selling points; training excellence, real television & radio credits, charitable content and the provision of mentors.

After closing her speech, the audience watched content from London360 and spin-off series London Undercover. Some of this content was reversioned by the current team, demonstrating the 360 element.

Jasmine Dotiwala House of Commons
Executive Producer of London360 Jasmine Dotiwala

Representatives from the TV channels that broadcast the shows then made their way to the front of the room to speak of their pride being involved in such a project. Nigel Gregory from the Community Channel used a parent-child analogy to convey his warmth to the teams he has worked with. Nigel had a unique involvement with the show, training and editing all 12 seasons, ‘nowhere else offers a programme with such impact’. London Live’s Jim Grice then told the room that he believes London360 is ‘courageous’ & ‘deeply informative’ & ‘gives voices to those who otherwise wouldn’t be heard’. Both channels are broadcast on Virgin, Sky and Freeview.

Community Channel London Live Speakers House of Commons
Left to right: Jim Grice (London Live) & Nigel Gregory (Community Channel)

BBC News Economics Editor Kamal Ahmed later joined a group of London360 alumni from the past 12 seasons in a panel discussion about how the scheme has helped young media hopefuls break into the media world. The reporters spoke highly of their experiences and how it helped them progress through their careers.

Kamal Ahmed and London360 Alumni House of Commons
BBC’s Kamal Ahmed talks to London360 Alumni

Hope Lanek told the House of Commons audience that she has found the skills she learnt at Media Trust incredibly useful in her career. Fez Sayed, ‘looked for years’ for something like London360 and ‘applied three times’ until he got in! Michael Walsh added, ‘before London360 I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t have the contacts or experience’. Jessica Onah agreed, and feels the skills she gained, like self-shooting, helped her stand out as a multimedia journalist. Usman Butt explained ‘before London360 I would never have gone up to a broadcaster with an idea, but I have since and later worked on Panorama! Fumni Olutoye feels that the skills she learnt gave her a head start with her new job at London Live. It was even revealed that season one reporter Holly-Powell Jones, who now works in Media Law and teaches the new reporters the rules of compliance, actually coined the programme’s title ‘London360’!

Dragon Cafe House of Commons
London360 gave the Dragon Cafe great exposure

Over the years London360 has championed hundreds of untold stories, hidden charities and communities. One of the organizations that has been covered, The Dragon Café, felt compelled to explain to the audience what this exposure meant to them. A clip was shown from the show they featured in. The Dragon Café is a weekly cafe and creative space with seminars, exhibitions, workshops and performances exploring issues around mental illness, recovery and well-being.  Their speaker informed those in attendance that London360 found them despite a single press release. She believes this shows a true hidden story brought to life and was happy that the team gives ‘much needed exposure to community stories’.

Towards the end of the event the funders explained why they believe in this project. Kim Chaplain spoke on behalf of the Mayor’s Fund and made clear that she doesn’t see her organization as a funder. Instead, she feels there is a ‘successful partnership’ at play. The programme is also funded by City Bridge Trust and John Lyon Charity.

After the event, which had a fantastic reception, afternoon tea was served in the Jubilee Room, and the media attendees networked and took photographs.

Media Trust and London360 Team House of Commons
London360 Media Trust Team


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This Friday the London360 team was invited to the headquarters of Google UK in Notting Hill Gate for a day of insight presentations, project updates, a fully-fledged tour, as well as the opportunity to try their oh-so-famous ‘Google food’!

Joseph and Afia at Google UK
London360 Reporters Joseph Aspinall & Afia Kufuor at Google UK

Work Ethic

Google is well known worldwide as one of the best places to work as a media professional. With exciting and youthful vibes, free food at every corner, on site restaurants, gyms and crèches, and a generally awesome environment, they give their employees little reason to leave the premises. This convenience improves moods and attitudes in the workplace, encouraging positivity and increasing productivity. The tech giant not only has these incredible facilities but operates unique policies that promote a special Google work ethic. These give employees even more reason to feel good and want to work there. When initially interviewing for a position at Google, one of the biggest deciding factors in hiring a candidate is calculating their level of ‘Googliness’. This is a search for goofiness and it allows people to show their weird side. This could be a strange career background or unusual hobby. Where other employers could see such qualities as odd or unattractive, Google actively seeks them out, with aims to utilize and harness them and create new, innovative opportunities for the company. This isn’t Google’s only unusual approach to work ethic. They also will their workers to fail so that they don’t leave a stone unturned, following longtime CEO Eric Schmidt’s mantra, ‘please fail quickly – so that you may try again’! Google also ensure each and every employee spend a fifth of their time working on personal projects which don’t relate to their day job, under their ‘20% Time’ policy. This has resulted in some of their biggest successes, like G-mail, which is now the go-to email hosting platform.

Google Projects
Left: ‘Project Iris’ (measuring glucose through tears) Right: Presentations on Google’s Work Ethic’


At its core Google is a search engine and let’s face it, they still do a pretty great job at providing the world with the best search results. Nowadays, however, it has grown into so much more. Google is an empire, synonymous with words like internet, tech and the future. They design phones, cars, apps, health products – the list goes on and on. Google will stop at nothing to get the world involved with their missions and aims to achieve unlimited internet access for all.  We heard about ‘Project Loon’, a fascinating scheme which uses balloons in the sky and wind technology to provide internet data to areas around the world without access! ‘Project Iris’, another mind-blowing idea, has allowed those needing to measure blood glucose to do so with a simple contact lens. Erasing the need and hassle of needles, the lens contains a chip that connects to your phone to accurately measure the levels from your tears.

Google Tour
London360 Reporters Joseph Aspinall & Afia Kufuor with Creativity Works participants

The Tour

After getting a feel for their one-of-a-kind work ethic and hearing all about their futuristic projects, we were offered a tour. Let’s start by saying Google offices are like no other. Whoever went in there and created the magical world deserves all the praise they get – it’s really, really fun. The place is surrounded by ball-pits and edgy lampshades, it’s littered with the latest NME copies, and each and every room is packed with the tastiest of treats and snacks. The décor is thematic and encapsulates you into different magical worlds as you walk through the building. There’s a gym with scaling views of London, a library with all the books you could ask for and even a Town Hall. There are booths to work in, chairs to chill in and pods to sleep in. Essentially you could live there and, to quote Fatboy Slim, ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’!

Google Food
Food at Google UK

The Food

If you’ve talked to anyone who’s visited Google, you’ve probably heard about their food.  The stuff is in absolute abundance and it’s all free. Employees get breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner laid on and this is no sad canteen or fast-food joint. Sushi chefs, fresh pressed juice bars and continuous stock replenishment make this a step above the rest. If this wasn’t enough, between meals drift into one of the many kitchens for a snack and a half. Even in these little areas there are barista-style coffee machines, drawers of food and fridges full of ice-cold drinks. Interestingly the food and drink that they stock is chosen unknowingly by google users. The drinks stocked, for instance, are the most popular of the moment as searched online.

If you can, try and pop down to Google for a visit and gain some great insight into their amazing tech world! Check out my vlog below which I made the previous time I visited when I was a London360 Junior reporter. The short video asks whether visitors care more about getting a job at Google or trying their food… we are simple creatures!


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Nicki Minaj has caused a backlash amongst Londoners with the release of her latest music video for her slick new tune No Frauds.

Nicki Minaj

Unlike the usual outrage found with Minaj – the way she’s dressed or her brash demeanor, this time Nicki has caused controversy by releasing her video despite the fact it was shot at the scene of a subsequent major international crime. On 21st March Minaj was in London joining Drake on stage for the last UK night of his Boy Meets World tour (read more). She also used the trip to create her video and headed over to Westminster to shoot some scenes. One day later and London was in lockdown facing a terror attack at the same site, near Parliament (read more). Despite the earlier recording of this, it was an intentional decision to go ahead with the release. Many are finding this decision not to replace the scenes to be distasteful in light of the recent events, especially after sources close to Minaj had suggested that she would remove these.

Nicki Minaj

In her video Minaj is seen looking stern and posing in a sinister manner with Parliament in the background. But it is the bridge she gyrates on, Westminster Bridge, that is the most disturbing. It is the exact same bridge where less than a month ago five lost their lives and many more were injured. Mothers, fathers, partners all died. Why then go ahead and release the video anyway? It is hard to watch it as a Londoner and not feel uncomfortable. You cannot help but feel it was a crude and insensitive choice not to cut the scenes. Did Nicki and the army behind her think it would be more powerful now, or even that more people would watch it. No matter how they informed this choice surely using an act of terrorism to your advantage is inherently and obviously wrong?

Nicki Minaj

The counter question is, however, did they release it in the face of terrorism, as a big old fashioned middle finger? Perhaps Minaj thought – let’s go ahead anyway and prove London isn’t scared. She does love London after all and it could, in some way, link back to the hashtag that was trending around the world that day: #wearenotafraid. Politician David Davies MP is among the few Londoners who see the video positively, saying he was ‘happy for Westminster Bridge to be associated with singing and dancing and not terror’. But one of the problems, is that this isn’t a colourful, celebratory song. If it were she could have probably got away with the scenery, but the tune is actually quite sinister. Good, catchy, but sinister. It is a very grey sky and this brings with it a feeling of darkness. Combined in this way with knowledge of what happened, it can almost come across as adding to the problem, fear mongering even, a feeling that the producers want you to be scared.

The video comes on the same day it was announced that London police are receiving extra training to be ready for imminent tube attacks. Later the same evening two policemen were also shot in Paris, in what is being treated as a terror attack. No matter how it was intended, it does leave a sort of sour taste in your mouth.


Watch the video below and decide for yourself:


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Yesterday London faced a terror attack. Parliament was in lock-down when a car driving across Westminster Bridge purposefully swerved into pedestrians, mowing them down until it reached the Houses of Parliament. One victim was thrown from the bridge into the Thames, but was later rescued. The attacker then left the vehicle running towards Parliament. Despite the usual heavy police presence, he entered New Palace Yard which is below Big Ben. When confronted the attacker stabbed a policeman Keith Palmer, who died at the scene. The attacker was then shot dead. In total, around forty people were injured and four died. Since yesterday it has been confirmed that the attacker was British born and known to the police. Eight arrests have been made and the so called Islamic State has claimed responsibility. Seven victims are currently still in a critical condition.

Westminster Terror Attack (Source: BBC)

Prime Minister Theresa May, who was in the building at the time of the attacks, yesterday condemned the act of terrorism as ‘sick and depraved’ during a speech outside 10 Downing Street, which followed an emergency COBRA meeting, which she chaired. She praised the emergency services saying that losing ‘one of their own in today’s attack only makes their calmness and professionalism under pressure all the more remarkable’ and adding that the policeman who lost his life was ‘every inch a hero’. May concluded her speech with a stern warning to those involved. She made it clear that London stands united in face of terror; ‘we will all move forward together. Never giving in to terror. And never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart’.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also made a statement last night in a video message. He did so to reassure those living, working and visiting the city not to be alarmed. He insisted that London ‘remains one of the safest [cities] in the world’ and made clear that ‘Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism’. Khan told viewers ‘my heart goes out to those who have lost loved one and everyone who has been affected’.

Only two weeks ago, on 7th March, there was a major security scare on London Bridge. The bridge was closed off and the surrounding area was evacuated, including offices and the station. This turned out to be a false alarm, but it shows that London is always prepared and ready to face acts of terror. London360 reporters Joseph Aspinall and Hannah Burns were in the midst of the action and you can watch their video below.

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