Tuesdays are rarely special. They’re that day of the week that you’re like- ‘I know it’s not a Monday’, but it’s also the day you can’t quite sell to yourself as the end of the week either. Yet recently Tuesdays have been somewhat noteworthy for me. Over the last few weeks, as soon as I finished work, I raced home like it was nobody’s business and watched London Undercover on London Live bang on seven. With a very keen eye, I paid particularly close attention to the end of the programmes to see my name roll up the screen, credited as a creator (or ‘Segment Producer’, to be more exact). This caption appeared for three thirty-minute doc-style episodes that my team and I made; Religion, Technology and Knife Crime. These are my first TV credits and yeah, I’m proud that I have achieved this and that I’ve made Tuesdays even a little more lively. 

If you missed the shows, all episodes of London Undercover can now be found online and are catalogued on my website at deadbeatjoe.com/londonundercover

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